What is ‘ふもっふ (fumo)’?

The Japanese word ふもっふ is pronounced like ‘Who-Mot-Who’ or ‘Fu-Mo-FFu.’
This word is a coinage that describes a feeling of Safety and Satisfaction.
We, Fu-mo, are working hard to create a service that everyone can feel such feelings, everyday.

Our Policy

We will make efforts to provide fair service, not only for provider or only for customers. By listening to and thinking about cutomers voice as many as possible we can.
Furthermore, we will continue to create such services which can deliver users a satisfaction and safeness.

Business Name
ふもっふ/Fu-mo Trading
Corporation(Japan & USA)
Hiroki Kaji
Address (US Branch)
2 W. 47th Street Suite 700
New York, NY 10036, USA
Address (Japan Office)
2-2-24, Yamato-cho, Kita-ku
Okayama-city, Okayama-pref
700-0808, JAPAN
+81-50-3188-0897 (Japan Office)
+1-212-335-0357 (USA)
+81-3-4580-7535 (Japan Office)
+1-212-335-0357 (USA)
Established :
Dec, 2010 (Established Fumo-Shop)
Incorporated :
Sep, 2012 (USA Branch)
Our Activities :
Import/Wholesale/retail imported/overseas items in Japan.
Online retail domestic items in USA
Export Japanese product to overseas.
Advertising agency, Running an ASP (Affiliate Service Provider).
Software/Web Application development, and sale.
Development and Management of an Online Web Service Websites.
Our History :
2001 – Started selling used and imported goods on Yahoo! Auctions website in Japan.
2010 – Established the Fumo-Shop, the ecommerce website which selling only imported/overseas products.
2011 – Opened business with the Fumo-Shop officially (Registered the business).
2012 – Incorporated the USA branch.